BioScience Trends. 2008;2(5):187-192.

Correlates of life satisfaction among older Nepalese adults living with a son.

Gautam R, Saito T, Kai I


The objective of this study was to identify the correlates of life satisfaction in elderly Nepalese adults living with a son. A convenience sample of 489 urban elderly was recruited from Kathmandu, Nepal. Socio-demographic, economic, health, and social support variables were used as correlates of life satisfaction. Life satisfaction was measured using 9 of the 11 items of the Life Satisfaction Index by Liang. Results showed that the strongest correlate of life satisfaction was perceived financial satisfaction (p < 0.0001). High life satisfaction was also more likely reported by elderly who were educated (p < 0.05), had fewer functional limitations (p < 0.005), and better perceived health (p < 0.0001). Other correlates with high life satisfaction were instrumental support (p < 0.05) but not emotional support from the son. Further research on correlates of life satisfaction in developing countries will assist health care practitioners and policy makers involved in the well-being of aged populations.

KEYWORDS: Life satisfaction, Older adults, Developing countries, Social support, Nepal

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