BioScience Trends. 2024;18(2):176-186. (DOI: 10.5582/bst.2024.01070)

Efficacy and effect on lipid profiles of Ainuovirine-based regimen versus Efavirenz-based regimen in treatment-naïve people with HIV-1 at week 24: A real-world, retrospective, multi-center cohort study

Long H, He Q, Bi Y, Ke Y, Xie X, Zhao X, Tan S, Luo Y, Chen Z, Yu X, Li L


This study aimed to compare the efficacy and effect on lipid profiles of Ainuovirine (ANV)- and efavirenz (EFV) -based regimens in treatment-naïve people living with HIV-1 (PLWH) at week 24. The proportion of PLWH achieving HIV-1 RNA < the limit of quantification in the ANV group was significantly higher than that in the EFV group (89.18% vs. 76.04%, P = 0.002). The mean change of log10 HIV-1 RNA from baseline was greater (-4.34 vs. -4.18, P < 0.001), the median change from baseline in CD4+ T cell count increased more (106.00 cells/μL vs. 92.00 cells/μL, P = 0.007) in the ANV group, while the CD4+/CD8+ ratio was similar (0.15 vs. 0.20, P = 0.167) between the two groups. The mean changes from baseline in total cholesterol (-0.02 for ANV vs. 0.25 mmol/L for EFV, P < 0.001), triglyceride (-0.14 for ANV vs. 0.11 mmol/L for EFV, P = 0.024), and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (-0.07 for ANV vs. 0.15 mmol/L for EFV, P < 0.001) was significantly different between the two groups. The percentage of patients with improved lipid profiles was significantly higher in the ANV group (37.44 %) than in the EFV group (29.55%, P = 0.0495). The incidence of any adverse events in the ANV group was significantly lower than that in the EFV group at week 12 (6.2% vs. 30.7%, P < 0.001) and was comparable at week 24 (3.6% vs. 5.5%, P = 0.28). The ANV-based regimen was well tolerated and lipid-friendly in treatment-naïve PLWH.

KEYWORDS: Ainuovirine, efavirenz, HIV infection, lipid profile, safety, treatment-naïve

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